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The web design project for Scrub Squad, a Melbourne-based cleaning service company, involved creating a fully custom WordPress theme. The visually stunning website reflects their brand identity and seamlessly integrates with Launch27, Stripe and Twilio. This enables efficient online booking, secure payments and SMS notifications, delivering a captivating and streamlined user experience that showcases Scrub Squad's professionalism and dedication


Apps integration

In this website there are several third party applications been used to make this website working like a charm.



Its an application to manage cleaning service business. It can generate a booking form, send a reminder, manage cleaner and many more



Stripe and Launch27 work seamlessly together, empowering clients to make secure payments using their credit cards



Launch27 relies on Twilio to send SMS notifications to ensure effective communication with clients and also cleaner

pricing plan

Pricing Plan

why us

Why us

Unique Style

To visually represent the client's cleaning service business, I incorporated blob and circle shapes throughout the website, resembling bubbles. This design choice adds a playful and engaging element, evoking a sense of cleanliness and freshness

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