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Barakah Corner


The web design project for Barakah Corner, a breakfast-focused restaurant renowned for their signature dish, Roti Canai Merecik, aimed to create an enticing online presence that aligned with the restaurant's brand and values. In addition to designing and developing an aesthetically pleasing website, the project also included creating a unique logo that captured the essence of Barakah Corner, as well as captivating food photography to showcase their mouthwatering offerings. The end result was a visually stunning website that successfully highlighted the restaurant's specialties and garnered attention from both existing and potential customers


Food Photography

As part of the web design and development project for Barakah Corner, the client also requested professional food photography services to capture the exquisite presentation and delectable flavors of their diverse menu items, including both foods and beverages. By skillfully capturing these visuals, we aimed to create compelling imagery that would entice and engage customers, ultimately enhancing the overall visual appeal of the website and effectively showcasing Barakah Corner's culinary offerings

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