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This case study focuses on a project involving web design, web development, and logo design for a client named Restoran 7 Terbalik. Restoran 7 Terbalik is a unique eatery that specializes in serving seafood dishes. The project also includes integrating the EasyEat app deep into their website. The goal of this collaboration is to create an appealing online presence for the restaurant, showcasing their menu and services while seamlessly integrating with the EasyEat app for convenient online ordering


App integration

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In this project, the client, Restoran 7 Terbalik, has a specific requirement for their website. They want their website to be seamlessly integrated with their Point of Sale (POS) system, EasyEat, enabling them to receive online bookings and orders. This integration will streamline their operations and provide a convenient platform for customers to make reservations or place orders online, enhancing the overall user experience and efficiency of their restaurant services

Unique Style

In this project, I incorporated the vibrant color red to resemble the rich hues of cooked crab and prawns, which are signature dishes of Restoran 7 Terbalik. This color choice adds a visually appealing element to the website design, capturing the essence of the seafood-focused menu. Additionally, I included an ocean life icon watermark to enhance the overall theme and inject a sense of depth, further immersing visitors in the restaurant's unique dining experience

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